Halo: Reach comes out today on PC for the joy of gamers and to great surprise, it can support mods for the campaign mode.

The confirmation comes directly from 343 Industries that according to the developers, will support the mod within the single-player campaign. Also according to 343, the game has an anti-cheat system that players can disable playing on PC.

Once the anti-cheat system is turned off, you can only play the campaign and customized games. Obviously this system to allow the operation of the mods only outside the classified competitions.

A fan asked 343 if the game will really support the mods the answer it didn't take long: "We are still working to improve this option, but for now there is a system to bypass the anti-cheat. This allows you to play the campaign and customized games, but does not allow matches managed by matchmaking to start. We advise you to make a copy / backup of everything you modify so that you can go back easily. "

Are you happy to finally get your hands on Halo: Reach today? Have you already played this chapter of the lucky saga that marked the rise of Master Chief as a shooter icon or will you approach the saga through this spin-off episode?

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