Super Mario Maker 2 will be updated in the coming days with the update Ver. 2 which will introduce many new features together with a very famous hero.

You heard right, Super Mario Maker updates to Ver. 2 this Thursday and thanks to the information released by Nintendo Uk, now we know what to expect from this very interesting update.

As I said, the update introduces a series of new elements like the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda, but let's take a look at what we will find exactly:

  • Spike: An enemy of Mario who, if seen too closely, regurgitates a pointed sphere and throws it towards us. Spike's ability can also be used to activate puzzles created by us giving the player full creative freedom.
  • Pokey: Tall and thorny, Pokey is not the usual cactus. This enemy is usable in every mode and moreover during Night mode it will move in a wavy way.
  • Frozen Coin: The coins are now frozen, but any fiery instrument is enough to free them from their cold prison.
  • Block P: The P button can now generate indestructible blocks that remain until the P lock activation time expires.
  • Dash Block: This block, usable only in the style of Super Mario 3D World, allows Mario to run even faster and jump higher.
  • Master sword: And yes, the legendary sword appears in Mario Maker going to change the rules of the game. Once the sword is taken, Mario turns into Link and unlike the Link present in the first Mario Maker, you can now use all the skills of the hero of Hyrule. Then prepare the sword, shield, bombs and bow.
  • Ninji Speedrun: If you are a fan of speedruns, Nintendo will now charge exclusive levels to finish as quickly as possible, and these levels will only be available for a limited time. Within the Ninji mode there are also many objects to customize our character, provided you can finish the level.

What do you think of the update for Super Mario Maker 2 that comes this Thursday 5 December? Do you like the elements introduced? Have you hoped for other introductions? Does the Idea of ​​using Link inspire you? In the meantime, you have heard the peculiar news of a server of Minecraft belonging to the Vatican?