L'uscita di Sword Pokémon e Shield Pokémon on Nintendo Switch it has left most fans with a bitter taste: although the game is fun and has some original features, as far as the graphics sector is concerned we are faced with something really mediocre.

Accomplices to this result are dated animations e undefined textures, but on the latter aspect the modders of are at work BSoD Gaming, as you can see in the video following.

The result is certainly satisfactory: most textures, from those of the soil to those of the trees, I am now much more detailed and worthy of a console like Nintendo Switch.

The modders also stated that having these high resolution textures does not affect game performance, not going to overload the rendering operations that the console has to perform.

A really great job that, we wonder, how it could have been played by modders and not by a development team like Game Freak. I wonder if in the future Sword Pokémon e Shield Pokémon will be updated with a graphical improvement similar to this one.