The Stanley parable get back to talk about if, or rather, the title narrator is back to tell us about the next version by responding to the fans.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, this is the name of the new version of the game, the third one to be exact, which brings a renewed look and new endings to one of the most popular Steam titles. The game announced for the 2019 sparked fans who wrote letters to the development team in response, letters to which the narrator of the title replied through a trailer.

Now the dear narrator explains to us that we should wait for the 2020 in order to play the new version of the game, version that will also be released on consoles.

Born as a Half-Life 2 mod developed by Davey Wreden in the 2011, The Stanley Parable quickly gained the favor of the players for its comedy and genius. Two years later, with the arrival of William Phug, a commercial version of 2013 was created.

With the Ultra Deluxe now the aim is to arrive on the console and the game will be based on Unity as a game engine. Obviously we will have new gags, gaffes and new endings. The developers have announced that the amount of added material is more than half of the original script, enough to justify a new version.

What do you think of the third return of The Stanley Parable? Have you tried the game? Are you happy about his return or are you just waiting to hear again the sweet voice of the narrator?

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