Xbox showed up during the X019 event with lots of news and games, but one thing was not seen on the stage of the event, virtual reality.

What do you say, VR or virtual reality is slowly taking its place in the videogame industry with all its applications and after Valve's announcement of the new episode of Half-Life, or Half-Life: Alyx, as a flagship title for the Valve Index, one has the feeling that something serious is moving towards the viewers.

Valve's move has certainly stirred the spirits on the VR front, but what does Phil Spencer think of this technology? Spencer has made his opinion known about it on the pages of Stevivor. The guys at Stevivor asked Phil if virtual reality will be compatible with Project Scarlet and the next generations of Xbox. Spencer told her about the issue, saying that despite respecting the technology behind it, unfortunately this does not coincide with the experience offered by Xbox.

“I have some problems with VR,” Spencer explained. "It isolates you and I believe that gaming is a common experience, to be lived together"

Spencer then explained that despite virtual reality is an interesting technology that in the future will be part of the Xbox, for now it is not suitable for landing on consoles.

"We are responding to what our customers want ... and nobody is asking for VR" said Phil. "Most of our customers know that if they want to have a VR experience, there are many ways to get it. We see it on PC and in other places. I think we'll get there sooner or later, but yes, it's not where we are focusing. "

Spencer's ideas are clear and like them or not, they denote a precise thought on what to do which is also complicit in the lack of interest from the Xbox user in justifying the support or implementation. On the contrary, Phil's ideas, however, contrast with the various moves made towards technology. An example is Sony with its viewer or Nintendo, both companies have tried to bring a variant of virtual reality on their platforms.

And you, what do you think of Phil Spencer's words? Do you agree with him or are you an Xbox fan that goes against the tide? In the meantime, you've heard that Will Battleborn close its doors?