Yesterday a tweet published by Google Stadia in response to a user he had caused much concern and discontent:

“Games obtained free or with discounts thanks to the Stadia Pro subscription will no longer be available once the subscription has expired. You will be able to continue playing with the games you purchased at full price. "

Obviously on the web panic broke out, with lots of users who felt cheated by this Google decision. Fortunately, though, the answer given was partly wrong and to clarify things the company has thought again with a new one tweet:

"Hi! To clarify, free games redeemed with the Pro subscription will not be accessible if the subscription expires. All games purchased with or without discounts are available to you even if your Pro subscription expires. "

Unlike what was said previously, therefore, only games redeemed for free with the Pro subscription are no longer playable once the latter expires; as for the purchased titles, these will remain in the possession of the player that they have been bought at full or discounted price.

Certainly good news, which will appease the minds of all those who did not agree with what was initially reported by Google and which, fortunately, has proved to be just a mistake.