It's an exciting week for the players of Borderlands 3. 2K Games and Gearbox as well as announcing the arrival of the first DLC of the game campaign, offered the opportunity for Borderlands enthusiasts to start their adventure with the first free game weekend.

There are no limits. The full game, as standard, is open to all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners from November 21 through November 24.

The choice to let users play the game this weekend is not random. Indeed, Gearbox is implementing the 4 Patch of Borderlands 3 which is going to introduce a whole series of improvements like: 20 bank slot to start the game, new loot, vending machines and balancing changes with regards to the final part of the title.

But this is not the biggest attraction that the 4 Patch has to offer. The most surprising addition is a completely new raid that will see Vault Hunters struggling with a top-secret weapon. Only 50 level players and beyond will dare to face this challenge. Not only is the difficulty incredibly high, but respawns are disabled for the entire raid, except for a single checkpoint after the Valkyrie Squad.

Those who want to continue their Borderlands 3 adventure over the free weekend will have the opportunity to purchase the game at a special price.

Please note that Borderlands 3 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.