Talking about Anthem, at this moment, it is like talking about something past, useless and uninteresting: in fact the project seems dead and there are many voices that wanted the game abandoned by BioWare.

According to some sources recent, obviously unofficial but considered reliable given the past, Anthem would be anything but "canceled" but, indeed, the software house would be completely overhauling the game again, completely revising Anthem which should thus take the name of "Anthem Next"Or"Anthem 2.0".

There is no information on how this new version of the game will be distributed, if it will be a substantial and only update, if the change will take place gradually through periodic updates or if we will have a real sequel. What is safe, always remaining within the realm of rumor, is that the game world, the missions and the loot system with this revision will change radically.

In any case, the development of this new version of the game would still be in its infancy, so before seeing a "Anthem Next"We will have to wait much longer.