Hideo Kojima has set two records, but they are not related to the recent Death Stranding. Rather, it has to do with its online presence. In fact, he received the Guinness World Records for the number of followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

The announcement came from the official Twitter account of Kojima Productions. The Tweet shows the good Hideo proudly exhibiting both certificates. If you're wondering how many fans are following it, we'll tell you. His English Twitter account had 2.813.385 following 8 November 2019 and his Instagram account 888.539. At the 10 November 2019, his Instagram had over 919.000 followers and his Twitter over 2.823.000 followers.

We remember that the last job of the director is Death Stranding, available now on PlayStation 4. The game will also land on PC at the beginning of the summer 2020 and will be available both on Epic Games Store and on Steam.