Death Stranding is definitely the game of the moment e N, made famous by his role in The Walking Dead, is probably the most talked about actor on the web. The latest effort on the plate Hideo Kojima has in fact brought the actor to a long series of interviews, including that of a TGCOM 24 in which Reedus explained how it was different to act for a video game, especially with director Kojima.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Just like in a good movie, which transports you to different environments, the same happens in the videogame too, but with a big difference: you make the decisions, it's you inside the game. When I started working on Death Stranding I asked "Will you explain to me, will the user then play with me during the game?" And the answer that surprised me was "No no, he will be you". I couldn't figure out what the difference was and I knew it when we started recording my scenes in motion capture.

They recovered me even in normal moments; for example I was sitting while waiting for the other actors, I started scratching my head and they asked me to do it again; same thing when maybe I looked up bored.

When you make a film, the director has very clear ideas and you have to do what he says. For example, if I take a pillow, they tell me not to, because the pillow was not provided. Instead with Hideo the opposite happened: I took a pillow asking if it was okay and Kojima said “A pillow? Let us put four of them rather and also bring a lamp. "

Reedus then talked about his character in The Walking Dead, Daryl, comparing him to Sam's Death Stranding:

Daryl in The Walking Dead begins as a loner. He rejects everyone, he wants nobody around. But then people start to trust him and he turns. Become the man who is thanks to other people.

Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding does the same: he is initially closed in on himself and gets to the point where everyone counts on him. There's a lot of me in this game as there's a lot of me in The Walking Dead.

N seems to have fallen perfectly into the shoes of his characters, almost as if he had not needed to act. What do you think of his interpretation in Death Stranding?