During the BlizzCon 2019 one of the ads most acclaimed was that of Diablo 4, of which we have received various information from various tweets and statements from the developers.

In accordance to ditto da Joe Shely, Lead Designer of the game, the title will be supported over time thanks to expansions and microtransactions. If in the first case one is not surprised, given that even the previous chapters of Diablo have seen several DLCs marketed over time, the inclusion of in-app purchases can turn up their noses.

On this, however, the same Joe Shely wants to reassure everyone: Diablo 4 will in fact offer only cosmetic microtransactions and none of these will change and facilitate gameplay for those who spend money in the game.

A good news that should not therefore alarm those who horrify at the word "microtransactions" and which guarantees support for Diablo 4 even in the long run.