Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC, but unfortunately we will not see all the titles of the saga arrive at the same time on the "master race", but will instead sold and marketed separately. Obviously the public would like more precise information about this but Microsoft confirms what was stated above, confirming its approach "When it's ready" to the aforementioned launch of games related to the Collection.

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Brian Jarrard increases the dose by answering a question on Twitter, specifying in fact that not only did they never commit to respecting a well-defined lineup and that "We never said they would all be available in the same year."

Today we only know that, after Halo: Reach, the games will be made available in chronological order of release. Many PC players feverishly await the return of Master Chief and this Microsoft knows it but does not want to make the same mistakes that the Collection encountered on the console counterpart and therefore take the time to work at its best. At this point it is legitimate to expect alonger than expected obviously but also a job, hopefully, more Carthusian in this regard.