The saga of Call Of Duty has had, over the years, several ups and downs. To say that in the last period the brand was not going through a happy moment would be a real euphemism. This Call Of Duty: Modern Warfaretherefore plays a role doubly fundamental: on the one hand, it is called to be a new point of reference for fans of the saga, and, on the other, a breaking point with the past, which marks the beginning of a new era for the entire franchise. Not surprisingly, this chapter of Call Of Duty carries with it the name of one of the most popular sagas, which most users consider unattainable by the other chapters.

Right now, however, I feel like reassuring myself: Infinity Ward has managed, albeit with some uncertainty, to return the series to the glories of the past, giving us that Call of Duty that every fan was waiting. This drawing heavily from the atmosphere of that Modern Warfare of the distant 2007: no futuristic or historical settings, but the current war, in all its brutality.

A breathtaking countryside

Let's start by analyzing the Campaign of this Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, with the solid premise that it represents an element really validwell done. This time the guys at Infinity Ward were able to create an engaging, rewarding and immersive experience. The story that this new chapter aims to tell is anything but light. Delicate subjects are treated with a visceral approach, crude and direct: there are terrorist attacks, kamikaze, chemical weapons and liberation conflicts supported by local rebels. In outlining the history (and the torments) of the fictional state of Urzikstan, Infinity Ward certainly not spared and, given the quality of the final product, it is an asset that has not done so. Then present moments of great emotional charge, in which the choices are hugely suffered but indispensable for survival, and really raw situations, which evoke the infamous No Russian of Modern Warfare 2.

Call Of Duty

Strictly speaking of the quality level, this Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare does not disappoint at all. Every single mission of the Campaign is extremely engaging and stimulating, with an overall result that stands at very high levels. The settings were then designed in a slightly different way: in fact we no longer have only linear routes, and in some situations we have to work at least to understand which way to go. Nothing particularly innovative, but it is an appreciable solution that contributes to enhancing the surrounding environment. We are talking, for all purposes, of a campaign excellent that, without making spoilers, has all the credentials to remain etched in the hearts of many fans. And this despite its short duration, rather than difficulties Normal wanders around the 6-7 hours.

Go down into the field

Share Multiplayer compartment of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare we already talked about in our preview, which covered the last month's Beta. Obviously, since this is the finished game, it is necessary to broaden the discussion, dwelling on the salient features of the modality on which, inevitably, the efforts of the developers and the interest of the community are concentrated. The first point to reiterate is the goodness of a map design thought in clear discontinuity with the past. The maps are characterized by a variety and a wealth of details disarming. One no longer has the sensation, present instead in the last chapters, of being in a large sterile space with a single one critical point where most players are concentrated. In contrast, the play areas are dominated by verticality, given the possibility to climb quickly on the elements of the scenario. Add to this the ability to open and close almost any door (thus reserving unpleasant surprises for the enemy team), and the possibility of rest the weapon at the corners of the roofs, to attack not exposing yourself too much to enemy fire.

Call Of Duty

In this Call Of Duty the larger maps are not, therefore, dispersive, and at the same time those of reduced dimensions offer funny moments and frantic. Really a pleasant surprise is the night maps, which further diversify the gaming experience: inside them it is easy to see but also to be seen, especially when pointing the enemy. Being sure to neutralize the opponent, without firing blindly, proves to be fundamental to obtain the victory. Another strength on which Infinity Ward has focused this year is the Customization of weapons and the characterization of the character. Choose what to use - such as optics, football or firearm - impacts considerably on the gameplay. Every accessory that we equip to our weapons gives bonuses but, at the same time, malus, like lower speed of movement, greater recoil or slowness in taking aim, just to give some examples. It is self-evident that it is the player, on the basis of his style of play, who must personalize with foresight his own paraphernalia, to get to define build excellent and suitable for every situation.

Call Of Duty

As for the customization of our soldier, we can choose three perk to use, three different killstreak and field upgradesskill that are activated after a certain cooldown. Present some perk details, such as the one that gives bonuses directly to weapons or the one that converts all the series of kills into points, particularly useful in team modes. Or the perk "Specialist“, A direct legacy of Modern Warfare 3, which gives us three perk additional after the first four killings at the expense of killstreak. We have, as usual, various modes to choose from. There are the classic ones, like Team Deathmatch and Free For All, and others that represent real ones news. Among these it is impossible not to mention the two most successful in my opinion: Gunfight Terrestrial War.

The first consists of short games 2vs2 in small maps, with weapons randomly assigned to the two teams. We must therefore adopt different approaches depending on the situation, thinking each time about what could be the best way to face the enemy. Funny and heart-pounding, no doubt about it. Terrestrial War, on the other hand, is a team mode that involves numerous players in equally vast maps, in which you can move with any type of vehicle. Also present is the possibility of respawning at team mates. An experiment that aims to collect the competitor's legacy Battlefield, this year absent from the appeal, but which at the same time manages to have an original trait that convinces and, above all, entertains. In short, the Multiplayer of this Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is colossal, rich in content, stimulating and fun. The only comment I can make is the backward step of Infinity Ward about the minimap, which has been reinserted. A joy for longtime fans, a little less for those who (like myself) had found this a courageous choice creative gambling, which after all was not going to affect the gaming experience.

Special Operations, what a pity

Analyzing instead the Spec Ops, it does not take much to realize that, on closer inspection, they constitute the only true one Achilles heel of this Call Of Duty, although starting with a solid foundation. Unlockable immediately after completing the Campaign, they represent a direct extension of the latter, with alternative protagonists. We need to build a team of four people, in which everyone is called to play a very different role, with different abilities and equipment shared with the Multiplayer.

Call Of Duty

All these convincing premises they are losthowever, in practice: the maps are so vast, but equally empty, and the enemies engage us without any logic, coming from all sides with the sole aim of encircling us. Not even the objectives stand out for their originality, reducing themselves to going to a specific point or performing a specific action. Certainly there is no lack of amusing moments, but this opportunity could definitely be better exploited than, unfortunately, fails to express its potential to the fullest.

Technically flawless

We close the discussion by talking about the technical sector. The developers, with this Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare have done a job really remarkable. First, lighting was managed in a manner masterly: the alternation of lights and shadows gives memorable moments, especially in certain missions of the Campaign. The game is constantly on the 60 FPS, with practically no drops in performance.

Call Of Duty

Last applause should be made to Infinity Ward for the realization of weapons and feeling which they return, extremely realistic ed fulfilling. Do not expect, on the other hand, a particularly developed or reactive AI: this is unchanged compared to the other chapters of the series, interposing itself only passively between us and our objective.

The Call of Duty we needed

In conclusion, it is possible to state with absolute certainty that this Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is the title that every fan had been waiting for for some time. With an absolutely memorable Campaign, a diversified and fun Multiplayer and a respectable technical department, this new chapter is a candidate to be one of the most successful of the entire saga. You cannot, and should not, let it escape for any reason. If, like the writer, you were waiting for the series to return in style Modern Warfare, make it your own as soon as possible and get ready to go back to action.