On yesterday's day, NVIDIA he shared, through his own official Twitter profile some new screenshots for the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. These screenshots contain the GeForce RTX logo which, apparently, exclusively promotes graphic cards of the RTX 20 series of the producer. This would suggest that there will be no Ray Tracing.

NVIDIA has indeed confirmed that the game will not have real-time Ray Tracing effects on the PC. The RTX logo was actually included to promote the RTX 20 series GPUs and nothing else.

Now, although RDR2 will not include any Ray Tracing effects, it will still provide better visual effects than the console counterparts. The PC version will have a design distance (draw distance) increased for better navigation, higher quality global lighting, environmental occlusion to increase daytime and night lighting and higher quality snow tracks.

In addition, the game will have improved reflexes and deeper, high-resolution shadows at all distances. Mosaic tree textures and improved wefts of grass and fur will also be added for extra realism.

We remind you that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be published on PC 5 November.