Sony has published its financial results for the second quarter of the 30 September 2019 and both sales and net revenues are not exciting.

In fact, according to the report, the number of sales has fallen, compared to the past year, of 17% (4,17 billion dollars), while net revenues have even fallen by 28% (596,8 million dollars) in the same period.


Sony attributed this negative trend to lower than expected PlayStation 4 hardware sales, with the console selling "only" 2,8 million units compared to last year's 3.9, bringing the total to over 100 million pieces sold in the world (102,8 million to be exact)

Even the software side was not up to expectations with the proceeds from this sector that stopped at 2,34 billions of dollars, compared to 2,91 last year in the same period.

The problem was mainly that during this second quarter no titles were released at Marvel's Spider-Man levels last year, in addition to a large contribution given by free-to-play games.

Sony then had to revise its 2019 estimates downwards, also considering that one of the hits of the 2019, The Last of Us Part II, was postponed in the 2020 and also, due to the decrease in sales, the company Japanese will be forced to cut some costs (as already seen with some layoffs), like marketing, at lower levels than 2018, considering that they will also have to balance the higher costs of Research and Development dedicated to Playstation 5.

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