Another round another race. The Epic Games Store program continues and we continue, every Thursday, to remind you of this free and begging appointment. This week's games are not very famous and, being Halloween, could not have missed a decidedly horror game: we are talking about SOMA, developed by Frictional Games (the same study behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent, to understand). SOMA is then accompanied by Costume Quest, decidedly less horror but always inspired by Halloween and developed by Double Fine Productions, the studio of Tim Schafer. Speaking in economic terms, saving this week is not an exaggeration: in fact, we are talking about a figure that is around 34 euros. However, we are not picky and we take everything.
It's enough to download SOMA click directly here.
To download Costume Quest, instead, click here. 

As for SOMA, the official description is extremely representative:
"The radio is dead, food supplies are running out and the machines have begun to think they are people. The PATHOS-II underwater structure has remained isolated from everything and everyone and you will have to make very difficult decisions. What makes sense? What do we still have to fight for? ”. If you love horror, science fiction settings and the search for our self, well, this is the title for you. If you are easily impressionable, rest assured: in fact, there is also one safe-mode. Below is the official SOMA trailer:

Together with SOMA, as already mentioned, there is Costume Quest. We are talking about a game really suitable for everyone (with a PEGI 7 +) in which we will have to choose our hero and make trick or treat in three splendid environments characterized by the style and humor typical of Double Fine Productions and, of course, of Schafer.