Tim Miller, the director of Terminator: Dark destiny, recently gave an interview to Fandango in which confirmed that in the end credits of the film there will be no new scenes, as is usually the case with Marvel feature films.

Fandango: A question, should the public stay in the hall even during the credits?
Tim Miller: I love these things, but I think they are made solely by Marvel. Then no.

The director also admitted that the film will have many stages of action but it will also be exciting:

Fandango: We have heard rumors that this film is a tough action movie, but also very exciting. Do you agree that there may be tears shed?
Tim Miller: Oh I think it's extremely exciting, and I'm not making this up, I'm telling you that this morning I saw the finale again because I was showing it to someone and I cried. I still cry almost every time. It's really powerful in the end and I think it's a testament of history, thanks also to what the actors brought to it.

We remember that Terminator: Dark Destiny will arrive in theaters on 31 October.