It is very likely that this year, during BlizzCon, it will be revealed Overwatch 2. The news comes from a document ESPN.

The alleged sequel will include new game modes e PvE content, as well as new maps and heroes. Apparently there will be a great deal of attention to the plot and the narrative elements and the PvE mode will see four players clash, in a cooperative, in a setting reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro.

ESPN believes this mode will be playable at BlizzCon, along with a new game mode called "Push" is a new hero.

Apparently Push will run on a new Toronto-based map and will be available along with the current game modes.

No further details were disclosed. The new hero should be called Echo, already seen in the video Reunion on McCree.

The rumor source then tweeted that there is a clear possibility that the game is not actually called Overwatch 2 but something like Overwatch: Chapter 2, suggesting at the same time the possibility that it is not a new game but a game maxi-expansion, more or less like what Epic Games did with Fortnite a few days ago.

The BlizzCon is now very close, we just have to wait a few days for confirmations or denials.