Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes its inspiration from a real event that happened during Gulf War, committed by the United States and distorts history to blame Russia.

The US attack its backdrop is the strategic roads of Kuwait, the 80 highway and the 8 highway, which were crucial issues of conflict. The event is remembered as "the highway of death".

This bloody event has seen over 350 soldiers, reported as unarmed and in a state of surrender, get killed. Other reports indicate that even women and children were present among the victims. Modern Warfare takes the same location, the highway of death, and uses it as the scene of a Russian attack on innocent civilians.

"The Russians bombed during the invasion, killing people who tried to escape," asserts one of the main characters.

US attack

Last week, Sony confirmed that will not sell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PS4 on the Russian PlayStation Store, this news sees new light considering the appearance of this "rewritten" US attack specifically for the shooter title.

Infinity Ward he tried to do not hold back the horrors of war, although a large portion of the game is located in a fictitious country. It includes terrorist attacks in London and conflicts in other existing locations.