There comes a moment in the life of every video game critic in which, willy-nilly, he will have to come across a production absolutely outside of his strings. The simulative genre never met my favor, but at the same time aroused in me a certain charm, due to the complexity and refinement of mechanics, which should not only be profound and articulated but, above all, realistic. Farming Simulator it is a series that stands out in its genre precisely because, while theoretically addressing a very narrow slice of the public, it has collected a more than considerable success. Approaching the work of Giants Software it is however possible to understand how his relaxed gait can entertain properly, above all considering that the possibility of being able to build his own small agricultural "empire", buying and expanding his own fields and lands succeed in effectively tease your imagination of all those who at least once thought "I leave everything and go to live in the country".

Farming Simulator

Plows, tractors, threshing machines and other alliterations

Starting a Farming Simulator game and going into its complex coils can be destabilizing for a neophyte. The developers must know this well and choose intelligently to propose an ad hoc modality that can accompany the new farmers, assigning them a conspicuous amount of money, a decent plot of land and a small rose of essential machinery to dive into rocambolesco world of cultivation. A brief but explanatory tutorial allows you to become familiar with the rudiments of production, leaving the player the freedom to go bankrupt comfortably in the way that excites him the most. Here, then, we find ourselves at the wheel of the most diverse collection vehicles, being able to delegate the use of the same to other workers to perform other tasks more quickly. This turns out to be the best choice whenever it is possible to exploit it because, you know, the time is money. Theoretically the game would also encourage you to have a good time on board the hundreds of vehicles available, masterfully cared for in appearance, but a driving model too botched mitigate this type of choice. Clearly running around with tractors is not the focus of the game, but given the overwhelming amount of equipment available it would be welcome more attention in this aspect.

platinum edition

Taking care of a land is not a trivial matter and in addition to having to handle in the most intelligent way our fields and therefore take advantage of the right combination of machinery and crops, we must also be careful of the weeds that can infest our beloved portions of land, making the harvest less productive and therefore more difficult to bear fruit. Enter the appropriate perspective, for those who are not accustomed to the series, it is not a simple task and it's likely to be heard anyway disoriented once the tutorial is finished. There great freedom that the game offers can therefore be a double-edged sword in this case, perhaps it would have served a "career" mode that would allow players to be more involved and guided in a potentially very dispersed type of game, rather than being left at the mercy of the ton of missions and activities that, while offering a reckless longevity, they may lack bite. Managing finances, as well as one's own fields and animals, can prove to be a very entertaining undertaking even for those who are not inclined towards this kind of activity, but the initial hurdle could still be very difficult to overcome, for novice players. Definitely the possibility of being able to face the game with other players (for a total of 16) can make the difference and approach the production of Giant Software in the company of one or more friends ensures a passage to the world of Farming Simulator decidedly more painless.

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Platinum soils

The innovations introduced in this stand-alone edition, which however includes the basic game plus all its DLC and Mod, reside mainly in the advent of the famous CLAAS brand, for the first time present in the Farming Simulator franchise: we therefore have more than 35 new agricultural machinery, as well as new tools. This important addition is combined with a number of resources already available in a daze, alongside the historic brands such as New Holland, John Deere, Case IH, Challenger, FIAT, Massye, Fendt, Valtra and Fergusson for a total of exceeds the roof of 380 machinery available, going to create a compendium which will delight all fans of the series. Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition is therefore the final version which aims to conquer all those players who have always wanted to put their hands on the series but have never decided.

platinum edition

Storing the tools

Plowing the land, cultivating it, collecting the seeds and selling them to keep their land plots and expand them, win contracts, expand, compete with tractors or ride a horse on the wonderful Farming Simulator 19 map are all interesting activities but lacking in that wriggle able to ensnare new players unrelated to the brand. Anyone who has loved the last incarnation of the series will surely be satisfied by the new additions, even in the face of an experience that is not very rich in terms of play and with some smudging on the guide and on the renewed physical linked to it. Nevertheless, Giant Software and Focus Home Interactive managed to fascinate me with their work, even though they didn't fully win me over. The quality of the title is undoubted, let's be clear, the only disappointment lies in the fact that if the production could dare a little more and find a way to accompany and make the experience for newbies more enjoyable, could expand even more its catchment area, becoming an enjoyable title even by the less inclined to the simulative genre. However, anyone who has a good dose of curiosity about the brand and would like to try to dive into its coils, has now found the best time to approach the game and he should let himself be tempted from this Platinum Edition, it could remain in love with it.