I Joy-Con, cross and delight of Nintendo Switch: for some surgical instruments too small to handle, for other prodigies of technology contained within them more functionality than any other input method never designed by any videogame production company. If there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on, it is the need for a more version of it comfortable and usable. The Chinese answer to this question Sade, who developed unofficial Joy-Con with all the Retro taste di Nintendo GameCube.

The Chinese company, best known for the development of gaming headphones compatible with each console present on the current market, has made these wireless controllers available exclusively on the international version of theonnipresente Amazon, but this does not exclude their arrival in Italic land in the next future.

Joy-With GameCube for Nintendo Switch

Complete of NFC reader and of all the keys present in the original counterparts manufactured by Nintendo, but with a setting identical to that of the GameCube (with a lot of C-Stick), these Joy-Con are however devoid of IR camera andHD Rumble that distinguish the hybrid console. Instead they have an exit micro USB in the sides for easy and fast charging even when the unit is off. This is enough to justify them absences?

Below is the complete list of technical, as provided by SADES:

  • Button layout identical to that of the GameCube, guaranteeing hours of play in comfort thanks to the ergonomic design;
  • The Home button awakens the console to begin playing immediately;
  • Complete with NFC reader compatible with Amiibo;
  • Robust vibration will revive your gaming experiences;
  • The two Joy-Con's can be used together as a single controller when attached to the Joy-Con grip, or separated so as to accommodate the local multiplayer;
  • Periodically updated. The package includes a Micro USB charging cable;
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch as an alternative to Joy-Con;

Among shortages of these bizarre Joy-Con the most striking among them could very well be the lack of a version violet "indigo“, A color that has always recalled theiconic GameCube. What do you think of the SADES offer? Are these the controllers they make for your Nintendo Switch?