The first decentralized game enhanced by deep learning is now live to play

SAN FRANCISCO - (BUSINESS WIRE) –Cortex Labs, recently developed by DevBug, to their mainnet. The AI ​​DApp is called Digital Clash and has been designed as a game for users to play and earn rewards from.

Cortex Labs has brought learning to the blockchain ecosystem by creating the first - and only the only - blockchain On the Cortex blockchain, to the developers can upload these models into their applications. Whenever the models are called, AI developers are rewarded with a portion of the transaction fees. The infrastructure of state-of-the-art AI models but also gives birth to exciting AI DApps as the Master of Digital Clash.

The emergence of Digital Clash highlights the future of DApp development, which will feature the incorporation of more functionalities. This application will be less skepticism than combining the two technologies of the day and deeper knowledge of how they can operate and evolve together.

“The DevBug team first reached out to us because we were the only ones allowed to run what they wanted - running. "We were all excited about the development environment," said Ziqi Chen, CEO of Cortex Labs.

Digital clash is a game that can be played by anyone with access to Chrome browser and the Cortex wallet. The game is set up with two teams. The red team aims for 0-4 while the blue team aims for 5-9. Players can draw pixels by buying them and earn profits when others draw over their pixels. The more a pixel changes hands, the higher its price becomes. The game ends when the highest pixel reaches 100,000 keys, or the accumulated number of pixel transactions reaches 10,000, which the canvas freezes and a deep learning model, Cortex's MRT, decides the winning team and distributes the reward pool. One can learn the rules directly on the game page Digital clash.

"It's such a clever use of machine learning with the blockchain. For anyone still skeptical about the combination of AI and blockchain, this is the only proof-of-concept they need to see. But anyway, it's a brilliant game - we at Cortex Labs are totally going to play it, "adds Ziqi.

About Cortex

Cortex Labs that is the first public block of things that realistically supports the execution of AI models. Cortex provides a democratic open source AI platform where models can be uploaded and integrated into smart contracts to create AI-enhanced decentralized applications (DApps). To learn more about how Cortex works, please visit its Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, & Reddit for project updates and announcements. Visit GitHub for technical documentation.


Joseph Hunt