A few days ago it was confirmed that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare he will not have loot boxes. In recent days, Activision then reiterated the thing through a post on its official website. Furthermore, the developer claims that the title will have a battle pass, along the lines of Destiny 2 and Fortnite.

Call Of Duty

The post then continues revealing what will be available inside the battle pass. Anyway, it was clearly specified that players can get "all the functional contents that have an impact on the game balancesimply by playing. Therefore, there will be no mechanical ones pay-to-win in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Here are the words of Activision:

"What we are introducing is a system based on the Battle Passes, not on the Loot Boxes.

All functional contents that affect the balance of the game, such as weapons and basic accessories, can be unlocked simply by playing.

The new Battle Pass system will allow players to see the content they are earning or buying. The Battle Passes will be launched gradually according to the various live seasons, so as to allow players to unlock new fantastic Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare-themed content corresponding to each season.

With the new Battle Pass system, players can earn COD points by playing.

There will be both a free stream and a premium stream of content in the Battle Pass system in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. New basic weapons will be earned simply by enjoying the experience offered by the title. And weapon accessories can be unlocked through gameplay, just like you can see for beta.

The Battle Pass and the In-Game Store will offer only cosmetic contents that will have no impact on the game balance.

Call Of Duty

According to the post, the Battle Pass will not come out together to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Activision wants to concentrate on launching the title, allowing players to accumulate experience and rewards unrelated to subsequent extra content.

Recall that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is planned for this 25 October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you want more information on the game, take a look at the our impressions on the beta.