Bad news for future owners of Google Stadia, the new cloud gaming service by Google which will be available from 19 November. According to one declaration of Google a The Verge, it seems that the controller shipped in the pre-order packages can be used wirelessly only on television on Chromecast Ultra.

Should you wish to use the service on other devices, such as your PC or mobile phone, you will need to connect the controller with a USB-C cable. It seems that this situation is due to the fact that the bluetooth will not be supported by the controller at the launch of Stadia, but will be integrated later.
A blow to all those who have made the pre-order and for those who will use the service from the first weeks, given that one of the main advantages of Stadia it is precisely the possibility to switch from one device to another quickly and efficiently. Having to interrupt the game to connect the controller is not the end of the world, but it certainly affects one of the main strengths constantly reaffirmed by the marketing campaign of Google.

In short, the company first seems to want to focus on providing a better home TV experience. We hope that Stadia owners will not have to wait too long to get a service that reflects the expectations built by Google.