Capcom is doing well in the last period, with games like Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 2 (remake) and Devil May Cry 5.

It seems that Capcom is living a great time lately and this success is convincing the company to "bring some of its iPs back to life". What intellectual property it is not known, but Capcom feels ready to point to an international audience, already done with Monster Hunter: World.

And indeed Monster Hunter was a decisive test, keep in mind that the series before the launch of MH: World could only count on the 25% of the base player at the international level, obviously the matter changes if we talk about Japanese gamers. But now the series has an excellent 75% of players outside Japan according to Capcom.

At this time the company is considering which iPs to re-launch on today's market with titles designed for current machines. With the catalog of games that Capcom finds itself, it is not easy to imagine what we will find on the shelves in the future, but the idea of ​​being able to play a modern version of Ghosts' n Goblins or see the return of Lost Planet does not mind.

While you imagine what games will come back to your PCs or consoles, you have heard that Are Observer and Alan Wake's American Nightmare free?