It is no secret that Capcom have had some lean years. However, the Japanese giant managed to recover well. The key franchises that have contributed significantly to the "rebirth" have been different: from Devil May Cry at Resident Evil via Monster Hunter up to Mega Man. Everything that Capcom currently does seems to literally turn into gold.

Like all companies, Capcom not only wants to achieve success, but wants to keep it. In a recent fiscal report, the guidelines and how they plan to do so have been defined.

Their plan includes three distinct objectives:

(1) Strengthen digital sales;

(2) Regularly release major franchise titles;

(3) Awakening inactive intellectual properties.

What makes us dream big is the third goal: "to awaken dormant intellectual properties". After all, Capcom has many surprising IPs that are now forgotten: Darkstalkers, Dino Crisis, Onimusha, Viewtiful Joe, Rival Schools, Final Fight, Ghosts' n Goblin. If Capcom decided to revive one of these series, it would make many fans happy.

But which of these could be in development? Many fans have been calling for the return of for years Dino crisis. Capcom's RE engine is great for third-person action games, and it seems to fit perfectly with "Resident Evil with dinosaurs". Seeing the great success achieved by Devil May Cry 5 after the series has been "dormant" for almost eleven years, the chances of a Dino Crisis remake or even a new chapter could be really concrete.

For now we just have to daydream. Which series would you like to see in action? Let us know in the comments.