AVICII Invector, a new rhythm game inspired by the life and story of the young artist who died recently, will make his debut on Switch this winter.

The title has been described as a "fast rhythm game, which combines the musical style and the Avicii brand about EDM music with more serene and relaxing passages. ”It will initially appear on switch, Xbox One e PC, and subsequently, with a re-edition, also on PS4 (where it was initially released as AVICII Vector).

Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, saw the release of the original version on PS4, before the tragic death in the 2018. This new version was created by Wired Productions and Hello There Games in collaboration with the Bergling family. And it was revealed that part of the revenues will go directly to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which is fighting for the recognition of suicide as aglobal mental health emergency, as well as for the removal of any taboo on mental illnesses.

Here are some game features:

  • Discover the music of Avicii: 25 songs symbol of the EDM superstar
  • You will be the DJ: Custom and modified tracks by each user
  • New look and playful experience: A new graphic style and other additional content
  • Additional Platforms: For the first time on PC, Xbox One and Switch, as well as a revised version for PS4
  • Play your way: Three different difficulty levels to choose from
  • Explore new worlds: Six different game worlds, including a completely new one
  • Play with friends: Choose whether to play alone or with friends in a shared screen
  • Immersive history: Voice Acting among the various cut-scenes

Further details will be released later, although for the moment we know with certainty that both a physical and a digital version are provided.

And you, are you a fan of Avicii's music? Will you buy the game at launch, or is it not in your strings? Let us know in the comments.