Riot Games has released a document that warns players and streamers to be careful what they say and to avoid "sensitive topics".

The text that includes the warning to the players, appeared in a tweet, then deleted, of the official account of LoL @lolesports. The announcement apparently serves to maintain League of Legends a "Positive place" for everyone.

"We have fans from different countries and cultures and we believe that this opportunity comes with the responsibility of keeping personal opinions separate on sensitive issues (political, religious or other). These topics are often blurred, requiring understanding and a willingness to listen. Therefore they cannot be represented in the forum provided by our transmission "

Riot Games

These are the words of Josh Needham, head of the e-sports division of League of Legends. "Therefore, we reminded our casters and professional players to refrain from discussing one of these topics on the air."

These statements do not come by chance, but arise from the reaction created around them to the Hearthstone Grandmasters Chung "Bliztchung" Ng Way tournament player, for saying the words "Liberate Hong-Kong" in live streaming. Blizzard is now undergoing numerous protests for the measures taken against Bliztchung, taking away the player's prize for winning the tournament.

Riot Games is owned by the Chinese Tencent, a company that owns the 5% of Activision-Blizzard, which probably helped in forming the direct message to the players.

"Our decision reflects the employees and fans of Riot in regions where there has been (or is at risk of) political and / or social unrest, including Hong Kong. We have a responsibility to do our best to ensure that statements or actions on our official platforms (whether planned or not) do not escalate to potentially sensitive situations " 

It is not clear what measures will be taken against players who will not follow the guidelines, but the next streamer or player who will violate the rules will certainly not experience a pleasant moment.

What do you think of the whole affair? Do you think the Riot Games message makes sense or do you prefer complete freedom of speech during the streams? Meanwhile, you've heard that Call of Duty: Moderd Warfare does not contain loot box?