Resident Evil 7 marked a clear departure from the past of the series, as was the fourth chapter, and perhaps the future of the series will change again. Capcom though release un new chapter in first person, or rather a prequel to Resident Evil 7, but not in the ways we could have expected.

The title will in fact be available from 26 October and will offer an experience exclusively in virtual reality, but not only: to play it you will necessarily have to go to the Japanese game room Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro VR-X.

This new experience can be played from 2 up to a maximum of 4 players, takes place for about 40 minutes and it will probably reveal some background information that led to what we played in Resident Evil 7.

At the moment everything remains Japanese exclusive and of that specific game room, who knows if in the future Capcom will decide to publish it also in the West on PlayStation VR.