Code Vein, soulslike in anime sauce, has been published for a few days and on Nexus Mods users' projects are already falling. The latest addition allows you to play in the perfect clothes of Nier's 2B: Automata. This mod is equipped with three outfits and also offers the physics of the skirt.

You can download the items from following link. To install them you need to insert the .pak file in the folder: / CodeVein / Content / Paks / mods ~. During the character creation phase, choosing the female one, you will have the features of the protagonist of the game by Yoko Taro.

Unfortunately there are still some low-resolution textures and, overall, the mod still needs a little finishing touch. On the whole there are no problems of any kind and the mod seems to work great. Remember to take a look at our review of Code Vein at following link.