Two days ago Sony has officialized, although it was known by now, that 2020 will be waiting for Christmas PlayStation 5.

A news certainly wonderful for all Sony fans, but not for some employees: according to some information in fact the Japanese society would be putting in place one staff restructuring which will lead to many layoffs, especially in Europe.

Apparently, in fact, the executives of the American division went to the headquarters of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) in London to inform them of the future: some already seem to have been fired, while others will have to support a new interview to redefine their position. As for the US division, on the other hand, those of the "creative service team" seem to be paying the price.

The European division of Sony has long been slowly losing importance and the distance to SIEA (Sony Interactive Entertainment America) and the Asian division seems to be increasingly clear. According to these sources it even seems that SIEE was unaware of the announcement of PlayStation 5 and that it became known as normal users, reading the articles on the internet; to confirm this thesis is also the lack of knowledge of the contents of State of Play, completely guided by SIAA.

A real revolution at home Sony, which will probably have future consequences, we hope positive.