Valve has seen 40.000 thousand dollars worth of material removed from under his nose in Belleuve in Washington.

At the end of September, a man entered the Valve office in Washington. The robber managed to get Ben 40.000 dollars worth of equipment out of Gabe Newell's company. According to the detectives of Belleuve the suspect, Shawn Shaputis, entered the building to start stealing games, pc components and other materials worth thousands of dollars.

Shaputis (obscured) while trying to sell the stolen goods

For Shaputis this is not the first problem with the law. The man has 6 several charges like for example, borrowing a FedEx truck giving the police a demonstration of his "lively" guide, one for theft in the 2018 and last but not least, the sale of stolen games in a local Gamestop.

According to journalists, Shaputis would be introduced to the Valve site several times by filling garbage cans with various PC components and accessories, making the theft easier to perform. After leaving the building, the man was pinched as he headed for a Gamestop to resell it all.

We do not know what exactly he took, but considering the many projects as Valve Index, it is really easy to leave the building with materials worth several thousand dollars.

What do you think of the story? What do you think stolen Shaputis of so much value? Speaking of materials and games, you've heard that a retailer accidentally disclosed the arrival of Metro Redux for Nintendo Switch?