First of all, don't get confused with the most famous The Outer Worlds. Outer Wilds it's an intriguing title with some twists that you would expect from the genre. In this open-world space, we need to explore a vast solar system, trying to unravel the answers behind an "ancient secret". Below you can see the trailer of announcement.

The "mystery of the open-world", as it is described, suggests that the entire solar system was captured in a time loop lasting 20 minutes. At the end, one is forced to go back in time, always waking up in the same way. It is an undoubtedly intriguing premise.

The game was originally published at Xbox One e PC and, starting from 15 October, will also be available on PlayStation 4. Outer Wilds won the Seamus McNally Grand Prize and Excellence in Design Award at the Independent Games Festival 2015.