One month left until the arrival of the highly anticipated Death Stranding, the new work by Hideo Kojima that for a long time ago to talk about yourself. Although it lacks so little, the information on this is not so many and the declarations of the Kojima do nothing but confuse and make the players more curious, but something apparently clear has been said: our actions and decisions will affect the life or death of some characters.

In the course of ainterview in fact, the producer and creator of Death Stranding spoke of this possibility by making a real example, which in a certain sense could be spoiler:

There is a character who lives underground, he is sick and needs medicine and Sam can bring them to him. This happens at the beginning and is practically something mandatory as the first quest, but after that you can advance in the game and take totally different paths. In any case it is possible to return and bring the medicines to the elderly, listening to his stories of the past and therefore learn more about their lore.

Initially it can be simple, but going on with the story Sam will move farther and farther away and some players may forget or not want to go back to the man to give him medicine. If too much time passes, however, once back in the place the man will be dead and this will create a connection with the character.

This is just one example, probably the least important, of the possibilities it offers Death Stranding and the influence our actions will have in the game. What do you think? You prefer to be free to think about your adventure or thehaving other people's lives on their shoulders does it stimulate you more?