Destiny 2 has started releasing a special coin called the Vex chassis, but what are they for? And why are they particularly useful?

First of all, we know that the Vex chassis are released by the Vex killed and so far nothing abnormal, but the in-game reason for their existence concerns a plan devised by avant-garde member Ikora Rey.

Ikora is trying to build a Vex partole and to complete his task he needs as many chassis as possible. Even here nothing strange, but keep in mind that this "coin" appeared before the quest concerning Ikora, leaving the guardians confused about the usefulness of the chassis.

In order to start collecting Vex parts, you must participate in theVex offensive at least once. At the end of the game, go back to Ikora who will give you the challenge Know your enemy.

The challenge requires guardians to collect the aforementioned Vex parts / chassis and for each component collected, the completion of the challenge will increase by 1%. The positive fact is that after collecting the 100 chassis the challenge will be over giving access to new Tier 3 weapons, this will help guardians reach the power level cap.

The quickest way to collect all the components is to participate in Vex offensives on the moon as well as kill the Gatelords in the Vex invasion zones. Once you have completed these activities at least once, all you have to do is participate in the Vex Offensive mode to finish your work.

Now that you know what it is, you just need to run to eliminate the Vex threat. In the meantime, you've heard that Destiny 2 he moved from to Steam?