Learn from multiplayer videogames and IpVenture's messaging technology

SAN JOSE, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) -#handsfreetexting–Our current means of communication are endless. Texting, voice calls, mobile phones, PCs - all modes of quick and easily accessible communication, different platforms, one of many modern marvels.

But as opportunities arise with new technology, so do those who would exploit it. Unsolicited marketing in the form of robocalls and robotexts has become more than a public nuisance; it's now a genuine safety concern. And their prevalence is only expected to rise.

Curiously, one environment of communication is not yet replete with these unwanted interruptions: that of the gamer. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney explained that part of the appeal of Fortnite, an online battle royale game that generated more than $ 2 billion in 2018, is that it is "as much a social hangout for a lot of folks as it is a game. "

Despite the prevalence of similar platforms where communication is vital to player's experience, gamers rarely experience unwelcome interruptions from unsolicited advertisers. Why is this? IpVenture is pleased to find out that the studios behind Apex Legends and Fortnite have implemented their patented technologies to solve this problem. For example, using a username for all modes, without having to share their personal contact information. IpVenture's messaging system can also be considered as an urgent message, as in pings used by Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Apex Legends has also implemented IpVenture's further improvements: text messages can be converted to voice and read to players, and vice versa. In online games, immersion is an important part of the experience, whether or not hearing or enjoying the ambience of the virtual world. This feature allows you to communicate without the need to pause

IpVenture's technologies can also improve the game experience by tracking player interactions. For example, the technology can ask if the user still wants to be matched.

With these patented technologies and more, IpVenture continues to lead in the development of market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.


Angela Nijim