The climate crisis is inevitably one of the central themes of the current era, an alarm that we can no longer ignore and today some of the most important giants linked to the world of video games they formally line up to stem the age-old problem, forming the Playing for the Planet Alliance.

Yesterday we had already talked about how Playstation 5 will try to be more close to the environment thanks to its reduced consumption, however this stance so clear provides a decidedly different cut to the issue. Microsoft, Google, Ubisoft, Supercell, Wild Works, E-Line Media, Strange Loop and Internet of Elephants are just some of the names that take part in this important initiative that will work both to raise awareness about the cause and to give concrete help to our planet. In this enterprise they will obviously not be alone, Twitch and Niantic will back the various partners thanks to their communities and sharing platforms, aiming at reduce CO2 emissions of 30 million tons by 2030.

Inger Andersen, the executive director of theUNEP (United Nations Environment Program) stated:

The video game industry has the ability to engage, inspire and attract the imagination of billions of people around the world. This makes them partners of the highest importance in dealing with the climatic emergency. We are encouraged by the commitment of these companies, which show that they recognize the fact that we all have a role to play in this global commitment to reduce emissions and make real changes through sustainability.

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For anyone who wants to go deeper into the story, you can contact the site of theUNEP, or check the official website of Playing for the Planet to get more details about their goals. A decidedly appreciable initiative that fortunately already involves names of absolute importance and that, hopefully, can still grow in the following months and years and put a serious brake on the devastating environmental crisis.