The worldwide popularity of Hideo Kojima cannot be questioned. For this the creator often finds himself in the position of having to communicate with his fans both in Japanese, his native language, both in English. In the latter Kojima, a bit like all his Japanese colleagues, does not particularly excel it may happen that there may be unintended misunderstandings.

The controversy that has involved the author in the last hours revolves around two specific tweetsone who sees improper use of the term for native English speakers "independent" and the other concerning what distinguishes it "A Hideo Kojima game". In the first case, in English you define yourself "independent" in the videogame world it means creating games with a certain style and with economic support, which obviously does not reflect the characteristics of Death Stranding.

However, the original Japanese tweet does not use that term, but limits itself to exposing the facts that led to the creation of the Kojima Productions. Another tweet that has been attacked is the one in which the author exposes the main features of "A Hideo Kojima game", sentence that will also appear on the cover of Death Stranding.

This phrase would suggest that Kojima is the first person to deal with all the things listed, discrediting the work of his collaborators. But the Japanese tweet states that the author is involved in the supervision of these aspects, not that he puts his hand in it directly.
We are not sure that Kojima is personally responsible for the tweets being published on his accounts. The task could be entrusted to a member of his staff, but in any case this language barrier has caused the Japanese author several controversies that could recur in the future.