On Nintendo Switch about to arrive this week Cyber ​​Protocol, a arcade hacking game exclusive on the console of the great N.

Set in a world of style cyberpunk, you will play the main hero of the game, whose purpose is to reactivate his android partner (called G0X6) by activating the so-called protocol. In total we will have 100 different levels to play, all full of obstacles and traps of all kinds. We will have to use every kind of hacking technique to be able to solve the levels puzzle-style that you will be facing us.

Here is a list of all the main features of Cyber ​​Protocol, so that you can get a more accurate idea:

The team made every effort to transform each of the 100 levels into an original challenge, not only with different configurations, but also with new traps and different mechanics that can be used in various ways. Whenever you face a new stage, it will be like playing for the first time.
Share the fun with family and friends: Cyber ​​Protocol can host up to 4 players to challenge each other locally! Only the best hackers can do it without suffering damage
Are you looking for more adrenaline? Try hacking the system in arcade mode at a faster rate and with limited lives. It will be difficult, but if you are good enough, you can get your place in the top 20 of cyber hackers! Glory, fame and success: everything can be yours! FOR BACK FANS Do you miss retro games? Don't worry, we've thought about it! Travel back in time to the 80 years by changing the themes and sounds of the game. MUSIC PLAYER If you want to relax after a hard hacking session, listen to the Synthwave and 8 bit soundtracks from the Cyber ​​Protocol before moving on to the next challenge!

Cyber ​​Protocol

Cyber ​​Protocol is provided for Switch on 26 Settembre: you can buy it from Nintendo eShop for 9,07 euro.