The franchise of Borderlands is known for its abundance e the variety of its post-launch content. Typical DLCs cover everything from additions to history to new levels available for progression, and even new playable characters. This however will not be the case di Borderlands 3, according to the devs

This is confirmed by Paul Sage, creative director of the game, during an interview held in first episode of live stream Borderlands Show. The reason is simple, explains Sage: data collected on the previous titles of the franchise have shown that the players they recur very little to the characters made playable by the DLCs. Typically, an initial test dictated by curiosity will result in one short progression of the character in question, which will then be abandoned in favor of the characters already known and dear to the player.

That said, the DLCs for Borderlands 3 they will not fail. Some are free events, like Bloody Harvest e Maliwan Takedown. Others are paid DLCs included in the season pass. In any case, Borderlands 3 will certainly continue to add long content - even if it remains a question mark on technical problems afflicting the game. To know what we think about it of the new chapter, you can take a look here .