Justin Darlington is working from 4 years to a project called The Vision. The game is presented as a third-person survival open-world, which uses the Unreal Engine 4. And a few days ago, Darlington shared a trailer for the game.

The Vision will have a multi-verso and time travel, features that promise to make the game world even more alive. Players will be able to travel at any time on Earth, or even in space.

Players will then have to gather resources and gain knowledge about the desolate world around them, to try to survive. It will be fundamental then to look for shelters, without which they will surely not be able to go very far.

The Vision

To be a developed game by one person, The Vision looks really promising. Darlington would like to expand the development team, to try to finish the title within an acceptable time frame, even if the developer doesn't know when this could actually happen. Furthermore, the project seems to be very ambitious, which could lead to additional development obstacles for Darlington himself. For now, therefore, it is worth taking The Vision for what it is: a prototype (valid, of course) of a game that seems to have all the credentials to make its mark.

However, you can find more information directly on the page ArtStation of the developer.