Missing just over a month from the Nintendo Switch release of third installment of the Luigi's Mansion series, but the first information is already available regarding the additional paid content that will be made available for Luigi's Mansion 3, the title having the verdino Mario's brother as the protagonist.

The eShop page dedicated to Luigi's Mansion 3, in which it is already possible to pre-download the game in order to play it as soon as it is available, also reports unspecified additional content which will complement the already announced methods ScareScraper (in which 4 players will have to collaborate in order to clean up all the ghosts on each floor of the threatening skyscraper that serves as the location for the game's events), the recently revealed Scream Park (who instead will divide up to 8 players in teams of two and compete in order to drive out more ghosts and collect more coins) and the series of mini-games "Paranormal Games" which will include a series of challenges hit-and-run.

Luigi's Mansion 3

At the moment the only information in our possession is that given to us by the same eShop page that mentions them, which confirms the nature focused on multiplayer of this mysterious DLC that will be made available in an even more mysterious date. Luigi's Mansion 3 will arrive on Nintendo Switch on the next 31 October 2019: what would you rather see in the additional paid content that will be made available for this title? Would you prefer to play in new maps, the inclusion of new playable characters or a sequel to the main story and adventures of the fearful Luigi?