Epic Games Store does not seem willing to stop offering us free games and, no matter what you think of the aforementioned client, you certainly can't say that he's getting us wrong. In conjunction with theFortnite event tied to the hooded crusader, here comes the Epic Game Store well two dedicated trilogies  to Batman.

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On the one hand we have theacclaimed Arkham series developed by Rocksteady Studios, in which we will take on the role of the best detective in the world to stop a dark revolt led by the most terrible criminals of Gotham City, while on the other we will have a series of signed titles Traveler's Tale, in which the famous Bat Man will be reworked in sauce Lego.

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In short, a beautiful collaboration between Epic Games and Warner Bros provides us with a small collection dedicated to Batman fans (and others) of all ages. THE'offering will end in about a week, do not hesitate!