The release of Death Stranding on PS4 is scheduled for8 November. Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima told his story about some themes of the game and his personal projects. According to the words of the Japanese designer, "Death Stranding marks the beginning of a new genre", Which the author has defined"Strand Games."And for this reason, according to Kojima, to better explore the potential that this new genre of games can offer will require new projects of Death Stranding.

Speaking with GameSpot, Kojima said that this title alone might not be enough to give to Strand Games the permanence he would like for them on the market. This is because the concepts and the game ideas are an unexplored territory for him, as well as for the users who will approach the title.

What was done in Death Stranding would therefore be only the foundations of something larger, which Kojima himself would like to refine and refine over time. Which could imply sequels for Death Stranding.

"I'm not really sure", He stated about the possibility that his latest effort would become a real series. "The most difficult part, when you create something new, is that you will have to make a sequel, and then possibly a third chapter, or your creation will not be able to establish itself as a real genre.

Death Stranding

"When this game comes out there will be many pros and cons, but I think it will be better if you continue to make a sequel", Continued Kojima. And while affirming the need to revise parts of Death Stranding - or a possible follow-up - the author then claimed to be working on other projects as well.

"Yes, probably an 1.5 version of Death Stranding or a second chapter may be needed, so that it remains imprinted in the fans as a real genre. However, there are many projects on fire, such as TV series and stuff like that. I really have a lot to do. "

However, everything is not yet definitively decided. "I cannot say anything with certainty, because physically I am only a person and there are really many projects in which I am involved. It could be really very difficult to manage many things all together.

Kojima, by the way, never hid from not having fully understood his own game, since its gameplay and its features are something new. However, he said that Death Stranding is essentially inspired by the Japanese concept of "Omoiyari", Which can be understood as "Compassion for others.

Death Stranding had a massive presence at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, in which Kojima appeared on stage several times to show various aspects of the game. Among these is the core gameplay of Death Stranding, and the operation of the safe house.