The 3 March 2020 will arrive finally the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake and, until recently, we had very little information about it. The right occasion to show the game was certainly the Tokyo Game Show e Square Enix has not disappointed expectations.

During the event, in fact, several were shown video that have shown or confirmed some features of the gameplay like the ATB bar and Summon, two of the most loved features by fans.

That's not all, however: Square Enix has also announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake can be played in "action mode", or how the last chapters of the series have accustomed us, or in "classic mode". In this second case the basic attacks will be automatic and players will be left with all the time to implement a strategy and choose special attacks, just like it was an old RPG.

Certainly an excellent choice, which will delight both the old fans of the series who do not like the gameplay action that the saga has undertaken, and those who prefer action to reasoning.