After the first trailer of 49 minutes published at the Tokyo Game Show, Death Stranding show yourself again with a new half-hour video.

The gameplay of 34 minutes focused mainly on what appears to be the basis of Sam Bridges. This room hosts the BB when not in use and provides allows the player to buy various actions.

The underground room seems to act as a rest area / safe area in the desolate landscape of Death Stranding. Players can customize their backpack, interact with the BB and more.

This base field contains several customization options. Players will be able to color the room to their liking, interact with the BB inside his artificial womb and play with a pile of objects on a table. In the video you can also see Sam eating one of the floating larvae, similar to a silkworm, also present in previous trailers.

We remember that Death Stranding will be published November 8 on Playstation 4.