Borderlands 3 it came out very recently and the players are reporting a series of technical problems with the game.

On console the game Gearbox suffers from framerate problems. In particular, players are reporting uncertainties in the performance mode di PlayStation 4 Pro, which should offer an experience to 60 fps that are never reached, information that I can confirm you too. Let's not talk about the resolution mode, we go under the 30 fps they become unplayable.

Problems in the framerate are also reported on PC, with rather frequent declines. In a tweet, Gearbox said that it is aware of the problem and is examining it.


The section dedicated to Borderlands 3 within the Gearbox forum it is full of discussions about the problems started by players asking for help. But the page where most of the conversation takes place is that Borderlands 2 Steam, with a good deal of trolling as a side dish.

It is no surprise to see that the players who bought the game on Epic Games swarm on Steam to ask for information, also because the Epic store is still lacking any kind of forum or hub where players can talk, inquire and help each other one another. It has already happened in the past and that will no doubt happen again but given the rather difficult launch that Borderlands 3 is experiencing, the problem is compounded. We hope that a series of solutions to the problems of the game and general improvements to the Epic Games Store will soon arrive. Unfortunately, giving away games is not enough.