Fallout 76 was one of the biggest stumbles of Bethesda in recent years, and despite the controversy seemed to be diminished, the game is back in the limelight (in a negative sense), this time because of a refrigerator. Some time ago the community suggested that the developers add a method to ensure that the food did not go bad so quickly, and the Bethesda team seemed to have accepted the request of the players, inserting this refrigerator into the title, able to reduce by 50% the rate of deterioration of foodstuffs.

The problem is that this object can only be obtained by paying 700 Atoms with real money, the equivalent of 7 dollars / euros, which promptly infuriated the community, as the massive DLCs of Fallout 4 cost little more than this virtual fridge, but they added so much to the original experience of the game. It therefore remains to ask, will the slides of the company ever end with this Fallout 76?