September for gamers is synonymous with grades, especially with regard to sports titles. It is no coincidence that Konami chose this period to bring it to market eFootball PES 2020, an annual video game dedicated to football.

If until a few years ago PES was synonymous with videogame football, it is undeniable that over the last few years the made in Japan sporting title has suffered a small blockage due to competition, also due to some choices not particularly appreciated by the public of players . However, this year, Konami has decided to radically change approach: presents us a video game that blinks a lot at a significant market share: or the side of the competitive players and eSports. Then comes eFootball PES 2020, the new (and highly anticipated) chapter of the football saga. In our review, I tested the classic "Master League" mode, studying which mechanics have been implemented and what new features await us.

As mentioned above, we start our review focusing on "Master League"The championship most loved by those who follow this popular video game saga. The first impact is impressive: we are welcomed by a menu that allows us to select one of the most important football personalities (Diego Armando Maradona, Ruud Gullit, Zico are just some of the examples available) for impersonating a novice coach hired in a prestigious club. This choice is very particular, because in contrast to the mode "it becomes a myth", it does not allow us to customize an avatar but rather gives us the opportunity to start the game with assets already set up, but treated very well.

PES review
The details used to make the coaches' faces are impressive.

The undersigned who writes to you is a fan of AS Roma and therefore, after having lost some time in selecting who could take care of my prestigious team, I decided to commission one of these coaches and from there began my adventure with PES 2020.

During the football season, the sports title puts us in front of the cutscene, in some situations in truth quite inopportune but nice to see, in which our new coach finds himself surrounded by a "jungle" of journalists in the press room, ready to ask him many curiosities about the current season. One of the innovations introduced, even if in reality it does not bring anything for the purposes of the game plot, is theopportunity to be able to answer the questions of those present, possibly choosing motivating answers for the purposes of the team being managed, Selecting one of the three multiple answers available. A feature that, if at first glance may seem useless, still helps the player to identify himself more in the role of coach.

In addition to the part of the football challenges, in the "Master League" mode the player / coach must manage a series of events related to the team of which it is a part: an example can be found in transfer market, a very delicate phase both at incoming expenses than those outgoing. For example, once a player has been selected, he must decide which contract to propose to be able to sign him, hoping that the club in question is interested in what is presented, and bearing in mind the accounts of the team involved. Fortunately, the logarithm that manages the transfer market has been improved, and it has not happened to us to see the absurdity of the market, the caliber of a club like Lazio that can buy players like Lionel Messi (even if they would like ...).

PES review
A game clash

Beyond the Master League, eFootball PES 2020 also offers us another interesting way: it is the "Become a myth". In this session the game allows us to create, with a special and very detailed customization menu, a football player and let him grow in a club to realize his dream: to become a new champion of this magnificent sport. The choice and the will to do it, however, is up to the constancy of the player, who must demonstrate his qualities on the field every week to guarantee himself a possible starting position.

An advantage, but at the same time also a defect, of the title concerns the official licenses available in the game: this year on PES we have some of the giants of world football, like the Bayern Monaco, Juventus, Manchester United and Arsenal as well as containing the rights of the entire Serie A. Unfortunately, however, this fact also confirms one of the worst problems of football: in the best leagues many other famous teams, such as Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, have fictitious names and logos due to their rights to image.

PES review
Manchester United is one of the teams that has agreed with eFootball PES 2020.

Speaking of the gameplay, this chapter does not differ much from the previous ones, but inserts some small, but consistent, innovations that can make the game vision more fluid and extremely enjoyable. First let's talk about the finesse dribling: a feature that allows the player to take advantage of the particular numbers in attack, able to dribble markedly the opponents we face both in attack and defense. Other important factors are Inspire (already spotted in the previous chapter) created specifically for those types of well-known players, such as the various Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, and which perfectly replicates both the faces and the movements and exploits in the field. Also noteworthy is the First Touch Impact, a feature that makes the movements and passages of the game's physics more realistic.

But PES 2020 is not limited to having only the methods described here: within the game, of course, it is also present an important feature that includes online multiplayer. In our test we played about thirty matches both as regards the 1 vs 1 than for the MyClub. To be able to do this, of course, a good internet connection is required and fortunately, during my test, I didn't encounter any problems during the matches. The impression was that the development team preferred to favor a more realistic approach based on what happens on the playing field, thus making the experience less frustrating than focusing on any features to be added. myClub is the only modality that has actually been modified and this year includes a very important exclusive: it is UEFA EURO 2020, an update that will arrive soon (but free) over the next year. Among the available players, in addition to the national ones, you can also find some legends of this sport of the caliber of Iniesta o Ronaldinho.
An important way is the matchday within MyClub. In this case the players have the opportunity to play one of the most important international matches of the moment by choosing one of the teams with the aim of taking more Event Points in the company of the other players who have selected the same team. Obviously, at the end of each event, the team with a high score gains access to the Grand Final. The final is tested by those who have achieved a good score with the Event Points and played better during their run, but in any case (be it a victory or defeat) the title still tends to reward all the players but favoring who, of course , will win the challenges.

To have impressed us positively is the latter, the physics: well structured and consistent with what happens in the field. The work done by the developers regarding theartificial intelligence of the players, who, on the field, prove to be aggressive the right during the games, guaranteeing an adequate level of challenge even for the most experienced players. I would like to express a positive opinion also for the choice of improving the progress of the goalkeepers, who show themselves fearless in their doors, but ready anyway to steal the ball in the case of one-on-one actions, even if less brave in case of shoots from distance or on any quick action.

PES review
Messi and his magic in the field

But the positive notes on this PES do not end there: although as a secondary element, Konami has focused a lot on realism, not only accurately creating the faces of the players (at least the most well-known ones), but also trying to faithfully recreate some of the most famous stadiums , and feared, of Europe. During the matches it seems to really witness a football match, especially thanks to the excellent optimization work done to recreate these environments. The Camp Nou,Allianz Stadium (better known as ex "Juventus Stadium") Or theOld Trafford of Manchester I am alone some of the historical fields present in this chapter of the series, faithfully reproduced in every single detail.

PES review
The masterful Old Trafford, stadium where the "The Red Devils" better known as "Manchester United" play home games.

In our test of PES 2020 we did not find any problems with frames, installments and the actions, as previously mentioned, were always fluid. So eFootball PES 2020 confirms to be an excellent chapter of the series thanks to the great work done with the licenses and the innovations introduced. Furthermore, from today, the updated roses of all teams, and therefore the calciophile fans will find bread for their teeth. The only sore point concerns the known problem of the absence of logos and official shirts of some clubs, but in terms of gameplay I guarantee that the game is worth the candle.