- Speedrunner are players looking for ways to complete a game as quickly as possible and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a title on which this category is working very hard.

In fact every week new techniques are shown with which the players can move quickly on the map and also this week the speedrunners have "invented" one.

The technique of the week (I feel a little Boyakki when he announces the robot of the week in Yattaman) is called "bomb impact launch"And makes use of the remote bombs available to Link to" launch "it literally in the air and cover long distances in no time, thanks also to the help of the paraglider.

The first to use this technique (or at least the first that showed it publicly) would be the twitter user Satougashi020

Obviously the technique is not easy to perform since it requires good timing and it is also possible to perform it a second time in the air. The only limit remains the life and stamina of Link.

Unlike other techniques used on Breath of the Wild this does not require the use of special glitches and therefore can be performed by anyone, always after specific training.